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Tina-Michelle is a Certified Personal Trainer, Dance Instructor, and Creator of Move Your Axis™.

  • Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)
  • American Council on Exercise
  • CPR/AED Certification
  • Infant, Child, & Adult
  • First Aid Certification
  • Including SIDS/SBS
  • B.S. Psychology
  • Concentration in Human Development
  • Gerontology Certificate
  • A.A. Business Technology
  • Paralegal Certificate
  • Background

    Tina-Michelle has been active in dance since the age of two. Initially, she studied Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Gymnastics, Pointe, Modern, and Hip Hop. She later began exploring international rhythms, such as Latin, West African, Haitian Folkloric, Afro-Cuban, and Bellydance.

    Fitness went hand in hand with dance. Participating in both team and individual sports, boot camps, and personal training, she has always enjoyed practicing her athleticism. Her avid interest in health and fitness is what led her to pursue her degrees and certifications.

    She was embarking on her career as a professional dancer when a vehicle unexpectedly turned left in front of the car she was riding in. Although the injuries left her bedridden for three years, she refused to accept that she would "never walk again" and could "kiss her dancing days goodbye". On March 20, 2006, she walked her first mile and began to write the rest of her life story.

    Philosophy | Approach

    Personal growth and development occur throughout the entire lifespan; how much of that is explored is uniquely determined.

    To facilitate continued progression and achievement, Tina-Michelle collaborates with each individual in an effort to define and redefine goals. Customized programs are meticulously designed – specific to personal needs. They may include corrective exercise, cognitive fitness, and other relevant tools required for success.

    Who Trains With Tina-Michelle?

    Tina-Michelle works with a wide range of people. Many seek help in areas such as chronic pain management, post-orthopedic rehabilitation, special conditions, sports conditioning, and dance instruction.

    Injured athletes, older adults who wish to maintain their independence, entrepreneurs seeking balance, aspiring performers, anyone with a health goal... they all share a sense of determination. They are quality-seekers who value their time and want to maximize their potential. They are the ones writing the rest of their life story.


  • Individual: $125/hour
  • Group: $70/hour (per person)
  • Special Programs: Please contact directly with the details of your request.
  • Rates decrease with frequency.



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    The Program

    The MOVE YOUR AXIS™ lifestyle program is inspired by cultures around the world. Its features are designed to help achieve personal goals for healthy living. Immerse yourself in a stimulating experience and emerge with a new perspective...

    The Experiences

    Bust Your Axis™

    The strength and conditioning experience. Increase strength, speed, and agility with a balanced, full body workout. Prime for endurance and fire the right muscles. Enhance athletic performance and everyday function.

    Flex Your Axis™

    The hybrid of the movement and dance, flexibility, and resistance training. Develop balance and stability with a variety of approaches that help execute movements that are more efficient and controlled. Challenge muscles and improve elasticity and mobility.

    Fuel Your Axis™

    The nutrition and wellness experience. Uncover tools and resources that facilitate a self-directed lifestyle. Gain practical skills and awareness of choices in a variety of topics. Live better.

    Move Your Axis™

    The dance-fitness experience. The dynamic Move Your Axis™ choreography incorporates dance steps from around the world and delivers an assortment of physiological and psychological benefits. Learn, laugh, and let go. Move and be moved by the world around you.

    Move Your Axis Further™

    The movement and dance experience. The focus on a specific genre(s) allows for more focus on technique and feel. Discover and explore. Find inspiration while soaking in culture.

    Relax Your Axis™

    The flexibility experience. Keep The Bod moving through its full range of motion with methods that aid in restoration and recovery. Stretch muscles and target trigger points. Come back to your senses. Renew and rejuvenate.

    Who enjoys Move Your Axis™?

    Athletic ninjas, intellectual explorers, and growth seekers (to name a few). Essentially, anyone who is unsatisfied with stagnation.

    Move Your Axis™ enthusiasts have a thirst for new challenges and mastering missions. For them, it’s about the journey. They are the ones who want to step out of their comfort zone and into their life.


    This unique program is exclusively taught by Tina-Michelle and is delivered live and (soon to be) virtually.